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Convert Bachmann 0n30 Locos to 55n3

The Small Bachmann On30 Inside Frame 4-4-0

55n3 has the only affordable Ready-to-Run 3 foot gauge 4-4-0.

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The Bachmann On30 Mogul is 55n3

The Mogul is a mechanical match to the Quincy & Torch Lake #3 & 4 Moguls. Is now available with DCC & Sound.
A 2-8-0 can be made using an HO Bowser frame and drivers with very little work. The 2-8-0 merge is a close match to the Southern Pacific/NCNG consolidations. The tender is the right size for a typical "modern" era small 2-8-0.
Brian Budeit's scratchbuilt HO scale model of East Broad Top 2-6-0 2nd #5, could be built in 55n3 from the Bachmann Mogul just needs 48" drivers, 22mm. An example of a Baldwin Catalog mogul.

Bachmann's On30 Outside Frame Consolidation as 55n3

The Bachmann On30 2-8-0 scales out to a Baldwin Catalog 10-28-E. It matches this NdeM locomotive in dimensions.

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The Bachmann On30 2-8-0 can be converted to a D&RGW K-27 in 55n3. The Bachmann model matches the plans. William D. Hemmeter/Dave Fletcher have done it in Large Scale. Imagine a K-27 for under $200 dollars. YIKES!!!!!
A large scale conversion.
Banta Model Works has a D&RGW style cab. It just needs the roof rounded.

Bachmann's On30 2-6-6-2 Mallet as 55n3

The Bachmann Mallet matches the standard gauge Caspar Lumber Company #5 "Trojan".

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Bachmann's On30 Outside Frame 4-4-0 as 55n3

The odd duck Outside Frame 4-4-0 looks better in Scale55.