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Building 4-6-0's - 55n3 Ten-Wheelin'

Ten-Wheelers were popular in the "Modern" United States Narrow Gauge Scene. Here are some ideas for converting HO mechanisms to popular narrow gauge 4-6-0's in 55n3.

Rio Grande Southern #20

The HO Mantua Pacific supplies a mechanism with a wheelbase that is only six-scale inches short. ScaleLink has self-quartering 42" drivers.
The Mantua Pacific boiler matches the size and contour of the prototype.
Yardbird trains has a can motor for the conversion.
The IHC HO Mogul has the right wheel base. The drivers are the right size. The front part of the boiler is smaller that RGS #20 but would make a good "freelance" conversion with a boiler extension.
Bachmann's On30 Mogul Tender is close.

Nevada-County-Oregon #10 and 12, Pacific Coast Railway #110

The HO Roundhouse 2-6-0 mechanism matches the driver spacing and size. The HO Mantua Pacific boiler matches the contour of the boiler.

Pittsburgh and Western Baldwin

The HO Roundhouse 2-6-0 mechanism also matches the driver spacing and size. The boiler is right diameter.

Tweetsie Ten-Wheelers

The Bachmann On30 Mogul could be converted to the "Tweetsie" Ten-Wheelers. The driver spacing is close and the back of the boiler is right.

Mike Miller's On30 Ten-Wheelers

Mike's On30 conversion comes close to the WP&Y #62
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Nothing to do with Ten Wheelers but a good idea

The HO Roundhouse Oldtime 2-6-0 mechanism will fit the small inside frame 55n3/On30 4-4-0 with a little grinding.

I hope these ideas help someone. I wish that I had found 55n3 and all these items were available earlier in my life. It would have been nice to have more time to build all these projects.