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Reviewing the Bachmann Narrow Gauge 2-6-6-2

Bachmann makes an On30 model of this Domican Republic 30 inch Mallet. It is a excellent copy of that loco and matches that prototype but scales well as 55n3.
The model matches the the plans for the Caspar Lumber Company #5 in Scale55. The 5 was a standard gauge loco but studying Baldwin's practices locos could be procured in every gauge imaginable.

The Bachmann Model

Unlike HO plastic articulateds the rear engine is rigid and the front engine pivots just like the real thing.
The rear engine being rigid gives the locomotive that neat overhang found in narrow gauge locos on tight curves. I never liked the unrealistic look of the HO articulateds with the pivot in the middle. The look of the front engine snaking along is great.
The locomotive pulled 2-1/2lbs + the 55n3 Bachmann flat. The flat car was groaning with that load. My loco had theTsunami sound and it really sounds good. It handles 18" radius turns and EZ-track 18 radius turnouts with ease.
Like all Bachmann On30 locomotives it has additional fuel loads, stacks and headlights. The electrical thingy is for analog.