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Structures in 55n3

Structures probably could be made from O or S Scale kits. Since no one I know can afford them, there are other sources. There are many HO scale structures that can be used. Structures won't have to be scratchbuilt. Print out our scale rule and measure structures at the hobby shop. There are more Scale55 structures available than one can imagine.

Whitewash City

Whitewash City offers paper buildings in Scale 55, ignore their 1/60 scale. Click here to download a FREE paper Scale 55 saloon! Print the saloon out and make one of cardstock. See what Scale 55 offers in size.

HO Structures for 55n3

Click here to go to the section converting HO scale buildings to Scale 55.

O Scale Structures for 55n3

Buildings Unlimited (Ameri-towne) offers inexpensive plastic O scale buildings suitable for Scale 55. The doors will need a typical transom added to reduce their height. This garage will make a nice freight house.