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The Malcolm Savage Archive

The Malcolm Savage Archive

Malcolm Savage 1946-2018

Malcolm was the founder of the 5.5mm Association and for much of it's existence he was also the secretary. You can read more about his achievements on the Malcolm Savage page on our main site. His contribution to narrow gauge modelling cannot be overstated, not only in 5.5mm scale, but across the entire narrow gauge community. Over the years his modelling featured in both the Continental Modeller and Railway Modeller magazines and we are very grateful to Peco Publications and Publicity Ltd for permission to reproduce those articles here.

Malcolm Savage

A full list of the articles is shown here, you can access them from this list or from the menu above.

The Last Garratt - Continental Modeller: Nov-Dec 1983.

Gwynant Valley Railway - Railway Modeller: Oct 1984.

A Trio of Englands - Railway Modeller: Feb 1985.

The First Garratt - Continental Modeller: Mar-Apr 1985.

Glyn Valley Tramway - Railway Modeller: May 1986.

Festiniog Gravity Slate Train - Railway Modeller: May 1986.

Talyllyn Railway - Railway Modeller: Aug 1986.

Festiniog Railway Wagons - Railway Modeller: Feb 1989.

Gwynant Valley Developments - Railway Modeller: May 1990.

Llugwy Valley - Railway Modeller: May 1995 (written by David Etheridge).