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The ideal narrow gauge scale

Kits & Bits

Here is a list of suppliers who produce items suitable for 5.5mm scale modelling.

Please note that inclusion in this list does not imply any endorsement by the 5.5mm Association and also note that the Association is not responsible for the content of other websites.

Kits & Bits
2A-Rail - 5.5mm scale 3D printed models.
3mm Scale Models Railways - A 'one stop shop' for all things to do with 12mm gauge: chassis, wheels, track and more.
55th Studios - The new home of the MSM range of kits.
Chris Ward 3D Printing - 3D printed locomotives and rolling stock.
Custom Model Decals - Custom Model Decals produce bespoke waterslide decals for modellers in many scales and aim to deliver affordable custom decals in as little as two weeks. 5.5mm Association Members can apply for a 5% discount.
Mountaineer Models - 5.5mm scale 3D printed models.
Motor Bogies - suppliers of 12mm gauge motor bogies, track, wheels and some Ready-to-Run 12mm gauge items.
N-Drive Productions - motorised chassis and motor bogies in gauges from 9mm to 14mm.
Peco Model Railway Products - make 12mm gauge track and points suitable for 5.5mm scale.
Tebee Models - produce 3D printed 5.5mm scale models for 9mm, 12mm and 16.5mm gauges.
Worsley Works - make 'scratch aids'. These are brass etchings which make up into the shell of a model. No castings or non-etchable detail is provided, these must be added by the builder. Worsley Works produces items in many scales including 5.5mm.